Is New Zealand at a turning point for mental health?

This is my recent column in the New Zealand Herald, which is published in the digital “Premium” edition every Thursday…

“Transformational” has become a loaded word with this government. It has been turned from an election promise into a sneering accusation in the mouths of the opposition, writes Kyle MacDonald.

How does the Wellbeing Budget measure up, in terms of mental health?

Transformational might be a stretch, as with mental health we are just getting started. What is clear is when you look past the numbers – an impressive $1.9 billion dollars allocated for mental health and addictions – this is a road map for transforming how mental health support is funded and delivered in New Zealand.

In fact, you can go further and make the argument that it is redefining how we treat mental health… (Click here to read the rest of the article via the NZ Herald…)

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