ACC failing to help most sex abuse victims

Click here for the story as it appeared in the New Zealand Herald Almost 90 per cent of accident compensation claims for sexual abuse counselling have been either turned down or held for more information since tough new rules came into force last October. Official figures from the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) confirm reports from Read More >

ACC admits new guidelines introduced too quickly

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) says it may have moved too quickly in changing how it handles sexual abuse claims. New guidelines for sexual abuse sufferers introduced by the Government last year legally require the ACC, when considering the cases of people who say they have been sexually abused, to concentrate only on those who Read More >

How you can help (again.)

It hardly seems like eight months ago most of you signed an online petition, and as a result of all your signatures and the concerted efforts of many, we were promised an independent clinical review of the New Treatment Pathway for Sensitive Claims. Well the day has finally arrived, and the Independent Review Panel has Read More >


This is the essence of “Politically correct” (a term I hate) namely respect expressed through language. It is of course very possible to also convey respect through behaviour. We have higher expectations of Minister’s and others in the public eye because we understand that they lead, through the media exposure they naturally receive, and the Read More >

Who to believe

You’d think after all this time, we’d have this sorted out, but no: I’m afraid I still don’t know who to believe when it comes to the politics around ACC. The Sunday Star Times ran a shocking story recently about some very disturbing emails that a client of ACC claims show a despicable internal culture of the Read More >

Facebook opens door to cheating

Click here to the story as it originally appeared in the New Zealand Herald Popular social networking website Facebook is being blamed for a growing number of divorces as bored and lovesick middle-aged couples hook up with their ex-lovers or childhood sweethearts. In Britain, divorce lawyers claim the popularity of social networking websites are tempting Read More >

Question time, but no answers…

So what questions would you like answered by the Hon. Dr. Nick Smith?  Personally I'd like to know who these "expert clinicans" are, especially seeing he's relying on them so heavily.  So far as I can tell none of the people they're relying on are experts in the field, so I'd like that one cleared Read More >

The Poison Chalice

I’m pretty optimistic by nature, so forgive my spin on this one. Maybe it’s also just my need to feel like we are actually making a difference. But I honestly believe we are. It seems ACC are unable to find a “reviewer” for the new clinical pathway. Rumours are two have been approached, and turned Read More >

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