The Language of Play

So often these days we focus on being productive, that it's easy to forget that we all started our learning through play. A recent article in the New York Times raised concerns about how many to case on meeting increased focus on structured learning at the cost of unstructured play, and sadly we see the Read More >

Sheep, soccer and Relationships (Aotearoa)

Paying hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to secure World Cup hosting rights is clearly criminal, but I wouldn't have thought corruption would be so hard to define.  However according to this government a pay off, or "settlement" to make sure rich Saudi businessmen don't pursue legal action isn't corruption, merely good business. I Read More >

Blaming the victim

A well-recognized dynamic in relationships where violence and abuse happens is that the person doing the abusing blames the victim. It's a vicious cycle, to feel putdown dis-empowered humiliated and then further attacked when you show emotions and express distress about what is happening to you. Yesterday the Minister for Social Development, Hon. Anne Tolley Read More >

The Confident Mind Podcast

Regular readers of this site will be familiar with my side project,  Well last week I launched a re-design of the site along with a free e-book and a new podcast "The Confident Mind".  Mark and I talked about social anxiety and the podcast on Radio Live today.  (Click here for the interview) Social Read More >

Nutters Club: Ngaro Hape

On the 11th of May Mike King and I talked all about depression and burnout with our guest Ngaro Hape, on the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club”.  Ngaro is now working as  Community Support Worker in adult mental health and his was an interesting and inspiring story. To listen to the audio of the show Read More >

Invisible anxiety

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be invisible? I know I have, it's one of those games you play as a kid imagining what superpower you would like to have. A recent study showed that the illusion of being invisible helped people overcome their social anxiety when confronted with a crowd Read More >

Nutters Club: Rachel Ross

On the 5th of April Mike King and I talked all about anxiety on the NewstalkZB show “The Nutters Club”.  Our guest Rachel Ross, was a young film maker with her own experience of anxiety which she shared on the show, along with her plans to make a short film about one girls experience of Read More >

Terminal loneliness

Increasingly in the western world it is becoming normal to live and spend increasing amounts of time on ones own.  However a recent paper, reviewing the health effects of loneliness, suggests that feeling lonely and being alone, may in fact be as bad for our health as obesity.  Mark and I talked about this, and Read More >

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