Waterslide awesomeness

I had a great day today, talking at a very worthwhile event about Burnout and Anxiety, courtesy of Wellness Retreats NZ.  It was set in the lovely surrounds of the Matakana Lodge and I met a great bunch of people.  But one of the highlights was meeting Jimi Hunt, one half of Live More Awesome Read More >


We all have bad days at work but what is "workplace burnout" and how does it differ from just having a bad day?  Mark and I talked about this, Sunday morning on Radio Live this week. (Click here for audio of the interview) Burnout is a growing area of study, at least partly because it Read More >

Nutters Club: Music and mental health

On Sunday the 12th of October I was lucky enough to be able to host the Nutters Club Radio show on Newstalk ZB, along with Clinical Psychologist Malcolm Falconer.  We had a very special guest musician and songwriter Sam RB, talking about her music, her career and her experiences of mental health. To listen to Read More >

Nutters Club: Anxiety and addictions

As Mike King has been away for a hard earned rest, he left the show on Sunday the 22nd of September in the hands of myself and guest host Richie Hardcore.  We talked about anxiety, post traumatic disorder and addictions and took plenty of calls from some great people. To listen to the audio of Read More >

How young is too young?

I love it when a piece of research  makes you realise that common wisdom might be common, but not that wise.  This ongoing research from Australia has shown quite clearly that the earlier children are given "sips" of alcohol, the higher the chances they will go on to develop problem drinking habits at a young Read More >

Vote: It’s good for you!

Regular readers of this blog will have little trouble figuring out which end of the political spectrum I intend to vote for this coming Saturday.  But regardless of who you personally support, please make sure you vote.  In case you need a reason to vote, it turns out research suggests that voting is actually good Read More >

Natural Born Liars

With the recent media attention on Nicky Hager's book "Dirty Politics" and the actions of a few quite nasty individuals, I've had a number of people ask me are these people sociopaths?  And while it isn't appropriate to diagnose someone you've never met, it did remind me of some studies suggesting CEOs and politicians are Read More >

Election 2014: Mental Health Policies

This post first appeared as a guest blog on the Public Address blog site.  It has been updated to include the policies of NZ First and the National Party         Click here for the original post... Health funding is tricky.  Politically it's often about robbing Peter to pay Paul, and my experience of working in the Read More >

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