Nutters Club: Dave Letele Snr.

On the 7th of December I joined Mike King, on his NewstalkZB show "The Nutters Club."  We had a great guest on the show, Dave Letele Snr. who after a "career" in the Mongrel Mob, turned his life around and founded the Grace Foundation, and now helps people get their lives back on track. To Read More >

Nutters Club: Smacking

On the 24th of November I joined Mike King, on his NewstalkZB show "The Nutters Club."  We took calls about caller's views on hitting kids, or "smacking" and talked about the mental health effects of using physical discipline to raise children. To listen to the audio of the show, it's in two parts, click the Read More >

Nutters Club: Depression and Emotional Sensitivity

On the 17th of November I joined Mike King on his NewstalkZB show, the "Nutters Club" as the "Nutcracker".  We took calls about depression and talked about emotional sensitivity and "EQ" or emotional intelligence. To listen to the audio of the show, it's in two parts, click the links below... Click here for The Nutters Read More >

We’re all biased

Would you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? You might be surprised to hear that we're all hardwired to be pessimistic, or at least to remember negative and painful events more strongly than positive.  Mark and I talked about the implications of this on Radio Live this week.  (Click here to listen to the Read More >


It's not everyday you get called names and apologised to within the hour on the Radio, but such is talk back radio and the heated views people have about the smacking issue. Last Wednesday I spoke with Alison Mau and Willie Jackson as they kicked off their afternoon show on Radio Live.  I talked about Read More >

Violence is OK

In a shocking move today Family First launched it's new domestic violence campaign, "Some violence is OK" aimed at decriminalizing "minor" or "light" slapping which occurs in loving "physical disagreements" between husbands and wives. "It's our experience, in dealing with people affected by the current domestic assault law, that many good husbands, and some wives Read More >

“Smacking” legal opinion hides real problem

Press Release: New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists 18th October, 2014 *** In seeking to challenge and clarify the legal interpretation of section 59, the conservative political lobby group, Family First, are once more attempting to deny the very real psychological impact of physical discipline on our children. “It’s a shame Family First have to put Read More >

Painful solitude?

When was the last time you spent 15 minutes doing nothing? No TV, music, nothing to read, no smart phone.  If you can't remember, you're not alone.  It seems most people really struggle with solitude, and some would rather administer a small electric shock to themselves than tolerate it.  Mark Sainsbury and I talked about Read More >

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