HELP needs our help (again.)

The following is from the online petition which can be found by clicking here.  If you already signed it 12 months ago please read the update and circulate to your networks.  HELP need our help...   Petitioning Prime Minister: New Zealand Government: Stop the closure of Auckland’s 24/7 sexual violence crisis service Petition by: Kirsty Read More >

Services for sexual assault and rape victims under threat

Monday, 19 November 2012, 6:16 pm Press Release: Help Emergency services for sexual assault and rape victims will have to be drastically cut following National Government funding decision “We have no choice but to cut essential services for victims of rape and sexual abuse despite an earlier government promise to maintain adequate and sustainable funding Read More >


Being a therapist, privacy’s kind of in the blood.  Much the same for all health professionals, it’s part of our training and our professional ethics.  Lawyers, doctors and priests all have legal privilege to keep even incriminating information private, with some very occasional exceptions. These exceptions don’t have black and white rules, they’re governed by Read More >

10th September, 2012 Press Release : New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists   Last night’s shocking expose on TV3’s 60 minutes showed how even “insiders” from ACC admit that a deliberate process of using medical assessors favourable to ACC has lead to a clear and dramatic increase in the “exit” of long term claimants from the Read More >

Not cute

I think that politics and psychotherapy are worlds apart, and largely in the different ways they approach the truth.  Psychotherapy is largely the search for the truth along with understanding and validating one persons experience of it. Politics these days seems to be largely about the manipulation of the truth, to most closely match whatever Read More >

Failing the test

Warning the following blog post contains facts. Dopey ideas (pun intended) usually involve seeking a simple solution to a complex argument.  And drug testing beneficiaries to “solve” a problem that may not even exist, certainly fits this criteria. "Defending a proposal to drug test beneficiaries despite lack of evidence, Bennett told Radio New Zealand: "I Read More >

Dual investigations shows culture problems at the ACC

Thursday 23rd August, 2012 Press Release. New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists Today’s dual reports from the Privacy Commisioner and the Office of the Auditor General into the privacy breaches at the ACC show deep concerns about the manner in which privacy is handled, and shows systemic weaknesses within ACC’s culture, systems and processes. “This report Read More >

Problem solved

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is intentional, and all statistics are absolute fact. However readers understanding of satire is assumed. In breaking news today the National Government has responded enthusiastically to the Dr. Barbara Disley authored 18 month monitoring report on the ACC’s Sensitive Claims treatment pathway calling it “a triumph Read More >

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