The psychological effects of poverty

I've never been a big fan of free market ideologies, largely I think that ideas like the "invisible hand" and "trickle down theories" fail to account for the very real individual differences in circumstances that nothing more than birth or bad luck forces on people.  It also fails to account for the impact that the Read More >

Denial no answer – let’s talk

This piece appeared in the Sunday Star Times, Sunday the 2nd March, 2014.  Click here for the original article. OPINION: In the week following the death of Charlotte Dawson, it seems everyone's been talking about suicide. Which is interesting, because the default position here in New Zealand, thanks to a coroner's ruling in 2006, has Read More >


My life is pretty paper free these days.  All my work is done on a laptop, my diary and even shopping lists are on my phone.  But I just can't let go of the physical real world book.  I've always loved books, the size, shape and even smell of them.  To me the knowledge, creativity Read More >

Too much of a good thing

All parents feel that their children are special, it comes with the territory, and is in fact natural.  And of course as parents it's easy to gush forth with over the top praise about how your little darling is the smartest, the most beautiful, most talented human being to have ever lived.  But recent research Read More >

What would you do?

It's relatively easy to say "of course I would help a stranger in need."  More recently I'm sure people read this story in the press and were disgusted and outraged.  How was it that a number of people stood by as Praveet Chahal was savagely beaten, in broad daylight?  We read it and think, "I'm Read More >

The case for smacking

So this week the so called "smacking debate" hit the media again, thanks to the reports that Mr. Colin Craig, aspiring politician and leader of the as yet unelected "Conservative Party" smacks his daughter.  Blogs were written, and moral outrage has been expressed via comments posts all up and down the country as people peruse Read More >

Family first?

After my little chat with Wallace Chapman today on Radio Live, on his talkback show this afternoon, I received the following email from Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, via one of his adherents. (For audio of the interview, see below at the bottom of the post). Anyway, I thought you might like Read More >

Press release Kyle MacDonald: New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists 13th January, 2014 Mr. Craig’s statement today in the press that that he continues to use physical discipline against his own daughter, is disappointing, and out of step with the research on the effectiveness of physical discipline as a parenting technique says Kyle MacDonald of the Read More >

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