Sticks and Stones

We've all heard of, seen and maybe experienced being bullied as kids.  But it is now well recognized that bullying happens no matter how old you are, and the most common place to experience bullying as an adult: the workplace. Wallace and I talked about adult bullying this week, Sunday morning on Radio Live, how Read More >

ACC to rethink abuse link

The following article appeared in the Sunday Star Times on 8/12/13 (Click here for the original article...) To view the full judgement this story is reporting on click here...   "A judge has ruled in favour of an ACC claimant in a case expected to have "enormous" ramifications for the way mental health patients are Read More >

Better dead than… give a speech?

That's what most surveys say anyway, time and time again when asked about their fears people rank public speaking as number one, and death usually comes in around four or five.  But how can we make sense of such an extreme and consistent response?  Wallace and I talked about this on his Sunday Morning show Read More >

Clinical points of view on sexual abuse

On Sunday morning Wallace Chapman on Radio Live spent an hour talking with various people about the victims perspective of the recent "Roast Busters" rape cases. Here's a link to my chat with him about the psychological effects of sexual violence, and what we can do as a community to stand up and not allow Read More >


Ever since the so called “Roast busters” case broke this week, I’ve had a few men say to me that they feel sickened by the actions of these young men, and wonder what voice do we have as men?  Can we as men talk about Rape Culture? Of course we can, but more than that Read More >

F##k it!: Why swearing is good for you

Why do we swear, and how might it actually be a practical and helpful behaviour?  Jessica and I from Radio Live discussed this on Sunday morning, and how to best swear for maximum gain, in your life.  (Click here for audio of the interview...) Firstly, everyone does it.  The research suggests everybody swears, the only Read More >

Is Facebook bad for you?

It's not news really that when a "new" technology  turns up there's a lot of hand wringing and worrying about how it is the end of the world as we know it.  Hard as it seems to believe now, the telegraph was as poorly understood and as worried about in the 1800's as the internet Read More >

Mucking about

When was the last time you did something that didn't have a point?  Just mucked about, did whatever took your fancy?  Wasted some time? Last time on Radio Live Wallace and I talked about the importance of play for the wellbeing of children, but what about adults?  Well not only is it important for grown Read More >

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