Are you in or are you out?

This weeks episode of "The Vote" on TV3 asked the question "Are we racist?  After debating the idea and surveying their viewers they reached the conclusion that 76% of people believe as a nation we are indeed, racist. I'm not sure about that, but it got me thinking, what are the underlying psychological processes that Read More >

Christchurch quake continues to extract mental toll

The following article is from an interview I did on the 24th of April, 2013 with Radio Australia about the ongoing psychological effects of the Christchurch earthquake. Click here for a link to the audio of the interview February 2011 - the date of the devastating Christchurch New Zealand earthquake - is etched in the Read More >

Mental health concerns for Christchurch

This article appeared on 23/04/13 in the NZ Herald.  Click here for the original article   There were a record 209,000 prescriptions for anti-depressants written to the people of Christchurch last year, and the New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists has "grave concerns" for the ongoing psychological struggles of the residents of the earthquake-ravaged city. At Read More >


Last week I talked about what empathy is and how our brains are hardwired for it.  (See: "Monkey see, monkey do").  This week on Radio Live Tony and I discussed some research about how to increase our empathy. (Click here for audio of the interview). Researcher Roman Krznaric has looked at what he called "Highly Empathic Read More >

Monkey see, monkey do

Sometimes science is really cool.  We've always known that as humans we are able to feel others pain, connect with how others are feeling and mimic what they are doing, but it took some monkeys and an accident to understand how. This week on Radio Live I talked about empathy and how "mirror neurons" were Read More >

Make your bed and lie in it

Small things matter.  I’m afraid I’ve always been a big fan of making my bed, and on the odd day where I haven’t I generally need to make it right before I get into it. And I always like it when science makes me right. “Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity Read More >

Men and street violence

Mid-week I had a chat with Sean Plunket on Radio Live about the Jesse Ryder assault, men, violence and fighting.  Here's the link in case you missed it: Click here for the audio of the interview Read More >

The willpower muscle

This week on Radio Live Tony and I chatted about how we can all improve our willpower, something we all struggle with at times.  It's the human condition, and like I talked about last week learning to control our impulses is a vital skill for success and health in modern society.  To understand how to Read More >

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